Maledetta Primavera
Andrés Monzón

日本語 / This booklet is based on two music videos from the early 1980s that feature the Mexican singer Yuri singing Maldita Primavera, a Spanish version of the Italian song Maledetta Primavera by Loretta Goggi. The images were made by superimposing a series of charcoal and graphite drawings. They emphasize the generation loss found in the original sources, which were stills from different versions of the video available on-line. The vertical format in which the images are cut and repeated, the black and white scheme, and the subject itself are elements informed by and referential to the television era. - AM

52 unopened pages,*   14 x 20 x .4cm, perfect bound
riso printed cardstock cover, b/w digital on newsprint pages
open, numbered edition
, 2012

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日本語 / Andrés Monzón is a visual artist and the director of the Campos de Gutiérrez Foundation. Born in Colombia, he was formally trained as a painter and a ceramicist from an early age. Exiled to the United States at the age of 12, he continued to peruse art and developed an interest in migration and cultural identity. His recent work engages artifacts and videos that are particularly representative of certain moments in Latin-American popular culture.

As the director of Campos de Gutiérrez, Monzón develops curatorial projects that allow international artists to reside, work, and exhibit in the city of Medellín, Colombia.







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* レターオープナーやペーパーナイフを使って綴じ込みを開けて下さい。右の見開きは、折り目を開いたものです。 / Simply use a letter opener or paperknife to release the fore edge folds. Spreads (at right) are imaged with the folds cut.