Clay Schiff

日本語 / "This comic is an attempt to address the visual motions of reading versus those of looking, which most comics inherently reconcile through fragmentation. I was embarking from a particular format that I’ve seen in some Gasoline Alley pages, presenting a singular image of a place, subdivided but not altered by panels, and characters move through each panel in the left-to-right fashion in order to tell a story. This format becomes problematic because the characters’ movements are beholden to reading’s logic at the exclusion of the space’s. A character’s presence in panel after panel, functions not to tell of the walker’s illogical perambulation but solely of time passing and resultant narrative developments. This comic attempts to use this format but remain equally faithful to both systems, to free the figure’s movement from the constraints of the (pictorially) contradictory left-to-right rule, but do so without breaking that rule or fragmenting the singular space. The format gradually complicates to accommodate for the walkers’ varied trajectories."
- CS

20 p, 15 x 21 cm
b/w photocopy, staple bound
edition of 100, 2011

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Clayton Schiff is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY, USA. If you're stateside, purchase a copy through the artist's website.