Untaken Photographs
Paul Paper; designed by Fred Cave

日本語 /  For more than a year, instead of taking certain photographs Paul Paper wrote them down. Untaken Photographs is a book about seeing, photography and, ultimately, the (limits of) image. It is an artistic dialogue with the writings of Jacques Rancière, Roland Barthes and, especially, Vilém Flusser.

40pg, 12.5 x 18cm, staple bound
b/w risograph, b/w & color digital print
text in English and Japanese
numbered edition of 100, 2012

650¥   ADD 

日本語 / Paul Paper is an artist, curator and day-dreamer based in Vilnius, Lithuania. A founder of Sraunus - a traveling photography projection show - he works both on his own and collaboratively.

Fred Cave works as an artist and graphic designer both on his own and as part of different collaborative structures. He currently resides in the French countryside after time spent in various cities in England, France, and Germany. He has just discovered the joys of gardening.